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Did you know: Chamomile tea is great for keeping your plants healthy. Use it when watering to ward off bacterial and fungal infections and to prevent young seedlings from damping off. Just make sure the tea is completely cool before you use it.

West Olive Nursery Specialty Orders:

West Olive Nursery belongs to an extensive network of over 500 growers. We have the capabilities of procuring extremely large plants, exotic plants, and bulk orders of plants. While we do not have all of these items as a part of our continued inventory, we do have access to them and can order them usually upon request within proper seasonal limitations.
We generally reserve specialty orders for large plants and bulk orders.

Types of Specialty Orders:

Large Plants
Landscape Grade Shrubs and Ornamentals
Varieties of Spirals and Pom Poms

Mature Plants
Larger varieties of normal inventory
Large Trees: 4" and larger Caliper Trunks

Exotic Plants
Cold hardy exotics such as palm trees

Bulk Orders:
Bulk Orders of landscape materials and small fruits

Hard To Find Plants:

Obscure varieties

Varieties of clumping and trailing bamboos
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